Greetings Professor Yoon,

Hope you are well. I’m settling in pretty well post graduation. I’m working at JP Morgan, as you know, and I’m looking to transition into a Cybersecurity regulator role or possibly a Privacy role.

The purpose of my email is to introduce you to one of my very close friends, Joel Reyes. Joel is a local entrepreneur who has started a technology company based mostly around a truly innovative product: A vehicular device that solves one of life’s most pressing concerns—hit and run occurrences. His company, HueCore ( has gained many supporters in the industry and has secured a substantial amount of funding. Joel is currently engaged in a search for an Engineer and interns who could come on board to support the company. Perhaps some of the Cybersecurity students would be interested in interning or working for HueCore?

If possible, Joel would be interested in speaking to Mercy students and student members of the Cybersecurity club.

Joel: Allow me to introduce you to Professor Yoon, head of the Cybersecurity Department at Mercy College. He will be a good resource for you.

Hope the two of you will remain in contact.